Don't forget that it is way easier to LEARN HOW with an experienced coach, than try to go over bad habbits you have from trying somehow on your own. Those tries are not only ineffective, but sometimes really dangerous.

We can offer you proffesional coaching indoor and outdoor in disciplines: FREESTYLE, FREEFLY and CANOPY PILOTING.

It is up to you, what would you like to try first. DONT BE SHY, JUST TRY!

CONTACT US AND LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN together and be safe!


Lukas Codr (31)
senior producer at computer games company
15hours in the wind tunnel
"Being a tunnel rat and RW jumper, I asked Rosina to introduce me to the world of freefly. She was extremely helpful in explaining all the basics to me, making sure I have the right equipment and planning the jump. Initially I was really nervous, but there were two things that cheered me up - her positive attitude and concern for safety. The jump itself was a bit of a wild ride, but she managed to stay close, communicated and - most importantly - smiled to calm me down.

I had a really great time during both free fall and canopy ride, where she also provided some useful instructions (you can see her canopy skills are extraordinary). I will not hesitate to choose her again as my freefly or canopy coach."

Miroslav Rohel (42)
chiefpilot and flight instructor
390 jumps
"I started flying gliders in the czech aeroklub in 1983. Few years later I became a flight instructor and I started thinking about exiting the plane, just in case of emergency. I was curious how does it feel in the air from the outside view of the airplane also. I decided to do a jump in order to be ready, it may help me to solve an emergency situation with an airplane one day...
After my first static line jump from An-2 I found the beauty of the sport, but I was too bussy at work. I did jump only a couple of times with my flying students, to let them try it from the same reason I did before. But I was still very curious about the freefall and I always wanted to taste this feeling!
Many years later the idea was revived by one of my flying students, thrilled skydiver Rosina She was taking the airline pilot course at our flight school. First I did a tandem jump on her reccomendation and not even a year later I offered her to be hers first student as she just became a skydiving instructor. I trusted her, that she can take me to fullfill my dream of freefall. The training met my expectations and so I continued with dumping and learning how to freefly.
Today I have my own parachute and I keep working on my freefly skills and also canopy piloting. Eventhough nowadays we dont meet at the airports as often as before, her coaching advices are always a big benefit and push my performance. I will never forget a picture from a coaching jump, when I managed to sitfly for the frist time, with the beautifull sea view over Empuriabrava in Spain."

Jan Trhlik (27)
23 jumps
"When I evaluate coaching jumps I have to say it was a great experience. Rosina was trying to explain everything, way more detailed and focused on me, compared to my first solo jump training I did before with another instructor, which was more like a mass action.
Before she did a jump with me she tested me in all the emergency procedures and other basic skills. First I thought it was overdone, but suddenly I found out how important it was, and how many things she told me I dint know or forgot.
I was just doing solo jumps before, thinking my belly position is pretty stable and ok. During our first jump together I found out that I really have a lot of things to improve. I really enjoyed the debriefing with my first skydiving video and the psychological support for all the time spend together at the dropzone.
So the final rating is one and I look forward to the next jumps."

Rolf Scheuer (34)
IT Security Ingeneer
350 jumps
"I met Rosina in October 2009 in California. She's a young girl with a lot of experience in the air. Me and friend of mine asked her for some coaching jumps and to join us later for the christmas boogie in Spain.
I was surprised how focused she was during the coaching. She's got a lot of patience with her students, keeps them on the save side and kicks in their asses if they need so and deserve it ;) Maybe even more important is the passion she's got for skydiving and the 3rd dimension!
Even if I was kind of a horrible student with his own opinion how things have to be done I really respect Rosina and I thank her for the progress I made in this short time period!
Rosina, I look forward to see you and have fun in the air!"