Night flights are basically for people who are bussy during the day...just playing!

To fly during the night is fun! It has all the beauty of a typical day sightseeing flight, but it requires its appurtenances, especially trained pilot with a night rating and proper airport services. That's why not so many flight schools offer night sightseeing flights.


We do have everything ready to take you for a night flight! You will be impressed only by the atmosphere of the airport during the night. You can enjoy nice views with all the remarkable lights, take your partner for a romantic night experience, it is little bit more adventurous than a day experience!

Just think about where you want fly and how many people would you like to bring with you and go to our ESHOP!

20 min flight.........142 € (3 266 CZK)

40 min flight.........229 € (5 266 CZK)

60 min flight.........309 € (7 266 CZK)

Would you better fly during a daylight?

Than just go for a standard SIGHTSEEING FLIGHT

Do you want to go crazy?

AEROBATICS experience or FIGHTER JET is just for you!