AFF is a modern, highly successful and fun skydiving course that is recognised all over the world. This method of skydiving training is called "accelerated" because the progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall.

In static line progression, few more jumps are required to experience solo freefall, but the jumps are less expensive for the student as one instructor can dispatch multiple students per load, whereas under accelerated freefall, one or sometimes two instructors are dedicated just to one student.

Our skydiving course is based on you completing 8 skydives accompanied by expert instructors. Once you have completed your AFF skydiving course you will have the basic skills required to skydive on your own. You can learn to skydive with our AFF course in as little as 3 days and get your skydiving qualification in just a week.

We can also incorporate indoor training at some of the world's leading vertical wind tunnels if necessary.