The International Bodyflight Association announced the first annual IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition Tour. The first tour stop happened on February 25th, 2012 at the iFLY Hollywood wind tunnel, located at the Universal City Walk!

The first event included 2 disciplines: 17 teams competed in 2-way Vertical Formation Skydiving and 9 competitors in Neo-Freestyle!

ISP Neo-Freestyle athlete Rosina was invited by IBA and expressed the enthusiasm and supported the first tour stop traveling all the way from Prague, Czech republic to Los Angeles, California in order to compete!


Contrary to outdoor skydiving freestyle team, which consists of freestyle performer and camera flyer, Neo-freestyle team is composed of just one performer, the freestyler! No need of another team member makes it really easy for everyone who wants to practise and compete! Working time is 45seconds, the same as in the sky. Just 3 rounds of free routine, no compulsory moves!!

The first competition in Neo-Freestyle showed a lot of new moves and creativity in the routines. Competitors were mix of different ages, countries, tunnel experience... it was a lot of fun and nice flying time!

neofreestyle results

Watch the gold medal winner Drew Steele with his amazing unbeatable routine, domestic tunnel coach with thousands of hours wind tunnel time!

If you are interested in competing in indoor skydiving, you should definitelly try it! You will experience a lot of fun, meet many interesting flyers, try different wind tunnels and learn a lot!

We encourage all flyers of all skill levels to participate. Competitors need to be signed off by the IBA on the transitions required for the class in which they are competing, but local wind-tunnels will be more than happy to suggest events and coaching programs to participate in to get competitors ready.


iFLY SF Bay, Tuesday and Wednesday May 15 and 16: FS, VFS, 2-way VFS, FF & Neo-Freestyle. (510) 489-4359.

iFLY Seattle, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22 and May 23: FS, VFS, 2-way VFS, FF & Neo-Freestyle. Tel. (206) 244-4359.

SkyVenture Montréal, Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and June 17: FS, VFS, 2-way VFS, FF & Neo-Freestyle. Tel. (514) 524-4000.

Airkix UK, dates to be announced soon: FS, VFS, 2-way VFS, FF & Neo-Freestyle. Tel. 0845 331 6549.

iFLY Dubai, dates to be announced soon: 2-way VFS & Neo-Freestyle. Tel. 04 231 6292.

Competitors can register by clicking the tunnel links above or by calling the wind-tunnel. Pre-registration is mandatory.

Contact Axel Zohmann at International Bodyflight Association: (512) 351-7758 or axel@skyventure.com

Competition rules IBA Competition Tour 2012 NEO-FREESTYLE

Competition rules IBA Competition Tour 2012 2-WAY-VFS

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