It was never easier, we have the brand new powerful windtunnel right in Prague! Perfect way to practise freefall without the stress of the other parts that comes with a skydive: will my parachute open? where is the dropzone? how will be my landing? bad weather? ;)

Daniel Kmoch was thinking about skydiving and the feeling of freefall for a long time! His DREAM OF FLIGHT BECAME REALITY with INDOOR SKYDIVING PRAGUE coaches Rosina & Vadim!

IMG 9867Rosina: "When I saw Dan for the first time I was really curious, how will he fly! We assisted to fly many students, bigger, smaller, children... but Dan with his 204cm was deffinitelly the biggest guy I have ever coached! He was doing really great and surprised us with his natural talent to fly! I was really impressed!"

Vadim: "He managed to control his body and stay stable on his own during the first flying session! Very very good!!"

Check out the video of Dan's first minutes of freefall at INDOOR SKYDIVING PRAGUE!

The best fact about the windtunnel is that you can fly anytime you want! No weather holds, no waiting for packing your parachute or getting bored while climbing in the airplane! It all just depends on you! If you are not a skydiver and you would like to try the feeling of freefall under a totally safe conditions with our experienced coaches, you are at the right place: YOU CAN DO IT!

IMG 9819Just decide for how long would you like to fly and book the time for your extraordinary experience! We can GUARANTEE you will have a LOT OF FUN and leave with the undescribable feeling of HAPPINESS and SMILE ON YOUR FACE! That is in fact our best coaching fee - to see how we make people happy!

For the beginning we would reccomend you extreme package: 6minutes of flying for 3000,- CZK

Price includes introduction briefing, renting all the gear (skydiving suit, helmet, goggles, shoes), coaching of 2 instructors and debriefing!

All you need to do is JUST BOOK YOUR TIME! ;)

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